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[personal profile] lexi2010-02-25 09:06 am
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My Beardies

These are my beardies.... Salvador, Athena and Drake.

Drake is only 4 months old and already 16". He has German Giant genes in his bloodline. He's going to be a BIG boy!

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Sal takes a bath!

Just a few pictures of Sal, my male beardie. He's starting a shed right now, but he's still a handsome boy!

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And, my very favorite...

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Sal's new digs...

We remodeled Sal's floor today.. lol. He was on sand, which we didn't really like. It's not a given that it would cause a problem and he's presumably been on the sand for some time before we adopted him, but we aren't taking any chances with our family members!

He'll be a little weirded out for awhile as he likes to dig, but he'll get over it =)

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