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Reptaid™ is is an-over-the-counter anti-coccidia, anti-biotic, immunity-boosting product designed especially for reptiles. It is a natural and organic product to aid in the fight of parasitic infections, primarily coccidia, as well as other assorted ailments in reptiles. Reptaid™, available now through and distributed by Chameleons NW, includes a variety of oils and herbs specifically chosen for their ability to fight against coccidia and other parasites, fight against infection, and boost the immune system.


* Olive Leaf - Helps keep colds and flu at bay, supports immune system, high in antioxidants. Olive Leaf is an excellent anti-microbial that will kill viruses and bacteria.
* Mustard Seed - Used in fevers, colds and influenza. Helps move acute conditions from the body more quickly.
* Black Seed - An overall tonic herb known for its effects on the respiratory system, stomach and intestinal tract, kidney and liver, and the circulatory and immune system.
* Pau D’arco - South American herb that is used for parasites and fungus. Also used for dry cough, anti-inflammatory and blood cleansing. We also use this herb for it’s anti-bacterial properties. Large doses or continued use of this product can cause miscarriage in pregnant animals.
* Cloves - To rid the body of any microscopic parasites and soothes the intestinal tract. Strong disinfecting action.
* Grapefruit Seed Extract – Used as a parasitic for small parasites. Has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.
* Alcohol - To bring out the properties in the herbs and preserve the tincture.
* Distilled Water.
* A single 1 ounce bottle contains 300 doses.

Reptaid™ is designed to help your reptile overcome viral, bacterial and microscopic infections without the complications one would get from more traditional treatments. It is well known in the reptile world that traditional medications can have limited success and debilitating side effects. While undergoing traditional treatments for parasitic infections, reptiles can experience loss of appetite, lethargy, hydration issues, even organ damage. Reptaid™ is a blend of herbs that is gentle to the system, and is found to be beneficial to the health and well being of reptiles.

My personal experience with Reptaid:

I have personally used Reptaid on my bearded dragons, and I can tell you, this stuff is amazing. My female beardie, Athena, came to us overrun with parasites and extremely stressed. After 10 days of Reptaid, the diarrhea stopped and her fecal was clean. Her gut flora was so healthy, in fact, that my vet actually asked us what we were using and wrote it down!

I cannot recommend this stuff enough for relocation stress, bacterial infections, viral infections, parasites - you name it. I would recommend that anyone who has reptiles keep a bottle on hand. It's awesome.

*Note: there is a product sold in many pet stores called Rept-A-Aid. This is NOT the same thing. In order to purchase Reptaid™, please go to their website at for a list of retailers. I would also like to say that I have not be compensated in any way from their company or otherwise - I just feel that this product is a must have for any reptile owner.

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This is some information on common health concerns with Bearded Dragons. Please do not hesitate to contact your vet if your Dragon becomes ill.

Brumation )

Constipation & Diarrhea )

Dehydration )

( How to perform a fecal test at home )

Eye Problems )

Hypervitaminosis (too much Vitamin A) )

Hypothiaminosis (lack of Vitamin B1) )

Metabolic Bone Disease )

Mites )

Mouth Rot (stomatitis) )

Paralysis (food size related) )

Parasites & Feces )

Respiratory Infections )

Shedding )

Signs of Pain and Discomfort )

Skin Problems )

Thermal Burns )

Yellow Fungus Disease )

DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with the Beautiful Dragons Reptile Rescue ( After detailed research and countless recommendations to their site, we have chosen to feature some articles from their website in this community. We are aware that some experts, breeders and enthusiasts have conflicting opinions on Bearded Dragon care, and we encourage members to use their own best judgment (and/or the recommendations of their own vet) when making decisions regarding their Dragon's care. This information should be used only as a reference tool and should not be used in place of vet assistance. If you have a sick beardie and don't know what to do, take him to the vet immediately.


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