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This is some information on common health concerns with Bearded Dragons. Please do not hesitate to contact your vet if your Dragon becomes ill.

Brumation )

Constipation & Diarrhea )

Dehydration )

( How to perform a fecal test at home )

Eye Problems )

Hypervitaminosis (too much Vitamin A) )

Hypothiaminosis (lack of Vitamin B1) )

Metabolic Bone Disease )

Mites )

Mouth Rot (stomatitis) )

Paralysis (food size related) )

Parasites & Feces )

Respiratory Infections )

Shedding )

Signs of Pain and Discomfort )

Skin Problems )

Thermal Burns )

Yellow Fungus Disease )

DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with the Beautiful Dragons Reptile Rescue (beautifuldragons.com). After detailed research and countless recommendations to their site, we have chosen to feature some articles from their website in this community. We are aware that some experts, breeders and enthusiasts have conflicting opinions on Bearded Dragon care, and we encourage members to use their own best judgment (and/or the recommendations of their own vet) when making decisions regarding their Dragon's care. This information should be used only as a reference tool and should not be used in place of vet assistance. If you have a sick beardie and don't know what to do, take him to the vet immediately.


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